Reaffirmation is a continuous process of collecting and maintaining all information related to accreditation. This calendar provides key dates in the reaffirmation process for Mississippi State University.

MSU Reaffirmation Calendar
Name fifth year Interim report
Compliance Certification team
Summer 2008
Readiness review for 5th year interim report Fall 2008
Draft fifth-year Interim report Fall 2009
Fifth year interim report completed February 2010
Fifth-year Interim report due March 15, 2010
Name Compliance Certification Team Fall 2010
Compliance readiness review Spring 2011
Select QEP Leader July 2011
Name QEP team February 2012
Solicit QEP pre-proposals Fall 2012
Select QEP topic January 2013
QEP development February 2013
Orientation of Leadership Team June 2013
Compliance Certification due September 2013
Off-site Peer Review November 2013
QEP due 4-6 weeks in advance of on-site review
On-site Peer Review January - April 2014
Review by Commission on Colleges December 2014
QEP five-year impact report 2019
Interim Compliance Certification report 2019